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Committee Members

The club is the brainchild of khazamola baloyi. He started taking first steps towards the formation of the club in january 1998. He was joined by bulelwa docars zuma. The two use to train late in the afternoon together. Khazamola was doing morning sessions three times a week befo Re going to school and he was joined by bulelwa late in the afternoon. The training sessions were consistently done.

However it was after khazamola met mr khomisani sidney ngobeni in 2010 that khazamola took giant steps to form the club. Mr ngobeni was by then an established and a licenced athlete. He possessed a great deal of knowledge that inpired khazamola to follow his dream of establishing an athletic club.

Khazamola was later joined by the late johannes rantsala in february 2012. Rantsala had a passion for running. He was told about khazamola by some basotho nationals who were residing in ramaphosa extension two. He came to khazamola’s office in ramaphosa extension one (1). Mr rantsala was formally based in a place called engelo squatter camp. However after meeting khazamola he decided to move to his girl-friend’s place so that he can be able to do morning sessions with khazamola. This move encouraged khazamola to work even harder towards the formation of the club. Khazamola and rantsala were later joined by ntsie james makudubele. Mr makudubele was a training fanatic. He used to conduct karate lessons and training sessions in ramaphosa. Mr makudubele started to take athletics seriously. He used to join both khazamola and rantsala during morning sessions.

After training sessions we used to talk about having our own athletic club. Later in 2012 khazamola joined birchwood athletic club. He was encouraged by his mentor, mr ngobeni. He came to know about athletes licences. It here at birchwood that khazamola moved to a very professional level. He started to take races seriously. He also encouraged mr rantsala and mr mohono to do athletics professionally. It was mr mohono who joined birchwood athletic club. We use to go together for time trials sessions together with athletes such as mr ngobeni, moeletsi, johannes, joseph, docars, moreen and others.

Later in the late 2012 mr mohono introduced khazamola to mr karabo tsotetsi. Karabo was also an athlete and had an experience in road running races. In late 2012 we started to engage the central gauteng athletics to enquire about how we can affiliate the club. The told us about the requirements that needed to be met before. The requirements was to have at least 25 members, executive structure, r400 for affiliation fee, joining fee of r112, residential address and sketch of our club colours (both vest and shorts). We started to work towards formalising our structure.

However it was after mr oscar mphaki (a policeman) joined the club that the move towards formalising our structure started to gain momentum. Mr mphaki gave us r100 that was to be used to pay for joining fee. This money was our foundation. Khazamola designed donation forms that were to be used to ask for donation from local business people and anyone who was keen of donating towards the formalising the club. In early february 2013 we were able to raise money for twenty seven (27) athletes, affiliation fees and joining fees. We paid the money and submitted all the required documents. Central gauteng athletics (cga) called us to the interview. The interview was to be held at the cga board room and it was scheduled for two (2) pm. Khazamola and mr mphaki attended that interview. Cga was represented by the general manager (mr mandla hadebe), the treasurer and head of the athletic commision. We were asked about why we have started the athletics club. Both mr mphaki and khazamola gave honest answers during the interview. However it was when we mentioned the issue of zenophobic attacks that every board member was blown out and they burst out with laughter. They were all very inpressed. On the 10th march 2013, ramaphosa rejuvenation athletic club was approved by cga to join the athletics family.

It is after this development that most people started to join the club. The club currently has sixty (60) active members and several trialists. The club has also produced its first champion by the name of clliford lebohang nkofu. The club currently have charles bogoshi, khazamola baloyi, oriel legodi, moelase nhlapo, clifford lebohang nkofu, mr mashabathakga and lesiba kgwele as some of its elite athletes. These members are able to compete with established athletes from established clubs.

Club affiliates with CGA

The club affiliated with the central Gauteng athletics (CGA) on the 10th march 2014. The CGA is an ASA province made of Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg and Mogalie city region (formerly Krugersdorp). CGA is the biggest province of athletic South Africa.

Club registers as a npo and therefore acquires npo certificates.

Ramaphosa Rejuvenation Athletic Club (rrac as the club is affectionary known) acquired a non-profit organisation (npo) certificate on the 13th april 2016. It was a long fruitful journey as our athletes charles and peter trained all the way to pretoria to collect the certificate. It is for this reason that the date has a very place in our athletes’ heart. The reason behind why our athletes never used any mode of transport to collect the certificate was to prove that when the going gets though, one must not give-up. The road to success is not easy as one must often tackle obsticles along the way.No matter how difficult it is, one must not lose focus. But instead be motivated and have a positive mindset. Positive mindset will lead to positive results.

The Club’s Executive Structure

The Club Is Under the Leadership of the Following Athletes That Works Very Hard to Ensure That the Club Reaches Its Full Potential. They Are Mr Bogoshi, Mr Nkofu, Mrs Mokoena, Mr Nhlapo, Miss Nama, Miss Mothiba, Dr Legodi and Mr Baloyi. However a Hand of Appreciation Msut Also Be Extended to Mr Oscar Mphaki Who Played Such a Huge Role During Our Club’s Early Years. We Thank You for Your Unselfishness During Trying Times. We Also Wishes to Thank the Honourable Mr Watson Matlou for His Ever Presence During Club’s Early Years. We Also Wishes to Thank Mr David Mohono. Finally and Froemost We Wishes to Thank You Mr Karabo Tsotetsi for Your Passion and Belief That the Club Is Destined for Greater Hights Even if the Going Were Though.

To You Miss Bulelwa Zuma and Miss Dieketseng Mphene We Extend a Hand of Appreciation for Always Believing in the Club.

Khazamola Baloyi

Chairperson - Khazamola Baloyi.

Mr Cliff Lebohang Nkofu

Club Captain
Club Captain – Mr Cliff Lebohang Nkofu

Dr Oriel Legodi

Treasurer – Dr Oriel Legodi.

Miss Deli Mothiba

Deputy Secretary
Deputy Secretary – Miss Deli Mothiba

Miss Ntombovuyo Nama

Deputy Treasurer
Deputy Treasurer – Miss Ntombovuyo Nama

Mr Charles Bogoshi

Organises - Mr Charles Bogoshi

Mrs Elizabeth Mokoena

Secretary - Mrs Elizabeth Mokoena.

Mr Eddie Moelase Nhlapo

Deputy Chairperson
Deputy Chairperson - Mr Eddie Moelase Nhlapo.