Our Sponsors
We currently have two sponsors. They are stallion Complex and AIB bakery. They are the two private institutions that makes things happen. Their contributions encourages us to work more harder to attract more sponsors. Yes we know its not going to be easy but we are prepared to make things happen through our hard work. We know that the private sector associates themselves with winners hence we are working harder to produce winners. We are also aware that its not going to be come overnight but it’s a process.

However we also have the Ekurhuleni department of sports, arts and recreation as one of the public institutions that plays a huge role in our club’ development and existence. It’s the pillar of our strengths.

we are where we are because of our sponsors and the City of Ekurhuleni Sports, Arts and Recreation . We are where we are because of your support and guidance. We have a believe that our partnership will produce more winners are going to be made in our region all because of our. We say thank you a thousand times.