Our Team

The Club’s Executive Structure

The Club Is Under the Leadership of the Following Athletes That Works Very Hard to Ensure That the Club Reaches Its Full Potential. They Are Mr Bogoshi, Mr Nkofu, Mrs Mokoena, Mr Nhlapo, Miss Nama, Miss Mothiba, Dr Legodi and Mr Baloyi. However a Hand of Appreciation Msut Also Be Extended to Mr Oscar Mphaki Who Played Such a Huge Role During Our Club’s Early Years. We Thank You for Your Unselfishness During Trying Times. We Also Wishes to Thank the Honourable Mr Watson Matlou for His Ever Presence During Club’s Early Years. We Also Wishes to Thank Mr David Mohono. Finally and Froemost We Wishes to Thank You Mr Karabo Tsotetsi for Your Passion and Belief That the Club Is Destined for Greater Hights Even if the Going Were Though.

To You Miss Bulelwa Zuma and Miss Dieketseng Mphene We Extend a Hand of Appreciation for Always Believing in the Club.

Mr Cliff Lebohang Nkofu

Club Captain
Club Captain – Mr Cliff Lebohang Nkofu

Miss Deli Mothiba

Deputy Secretary
Deputy Secretary – Miss Deli Mothiba

Khazamola Baloyi

Chairperson - Khazamola Baloyi.

Mr Charles Bogoshi

Organises - Mr Charles Bogoshi

Miss Ntombovuyo Nama

Deputy Treasurer
Deputy Treasurer – Miss Ntombovuyo Nama

Dr Oriel Legodi

Treasurer – Dr Oriel Legodi.

Mrs Elizabeth Mokoena

Secretary - Mrs Elizabeth Mokoena.

Mr Eddie Moelase Nhlapo

Deputy Chairperson
Deputy Chairperson - Mr Eddie Moelase Nhlapo.